Is it your first trip to Mexico? Are you coming to Playa del Carmen?

We imagine all the emotion you must be feeling and we want you to keep it throughout your trip to the Mexican Caribbean, having an adventure, a family trip, a country expedition, a romantic escape or even a business trip; In this blog we will give you answers and basic tips to better prepare your visit to this Caribbean paradise and know the wonders that the Mayan culture offers. Take note!



> Passport and Visa: All foreigners need to enter with passport. Visa: Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua need the visa. The rest of the countries receive a permit of 90 to 160 days issued by migration at the moment of entering the country. No tax is paid on entering or leaving the country.

> Language: Spanish. In the Riviera Maya, People speak English to attend tourism.

> Currency type: Mexican Pesos. In the Riviera Maya you can pay in USD and PESOS

> Exchange rate: $ 1USD = $ 18 Mexican pesos (change +/- without prior notice)

> Credit cards: Accepted in almost all establishments in the tourist area. In the urban area cash payment is more common. When you give your credit card keep your eyes on it!.

> ATMs: On the 5th avenue there are many machines with high commission of $ 90 pesos per transaction. There are also banks with ATMs that charges less commission $ 35 pesos per transaction.




> Airports in the Riviera Maya: Cancun International Airport (45 minutes from Playa del Carmen on the highway) and Cozumel International Airport (30 minutes from Playa del Carmen by Ferry).

> How to get to Playa del Carmen from the airport: The most economical means is the ADO Bus, with departures every 30min from the airport parking lot and buy the ticket right there. There are buses from 5:00 am and the last one leaves at midnight. You can check the ADO website to check times and prices updated.

* Shared Shuttle: With 10-12 people have a higher cost comparing to the bus, they leave you at the door of your hotel but possibly arrive late and go around the city,  making a trip more tired and you probably have to wait until the shuttle is full. The price ranges from $200 pesos minimum.

* Private Transportation: Contract it through your hotel. Without a doubt the most convenient and safe, it is recommended if you come in groups, in family or with babies. The price goes from $ 1,500 pesos onwards for a maximum of 8 people, which if you divide between all is almost like a bus but private and much more comfortable. There are transports for less people and the price changes. The service is usually good and they leave you at the door of your hotel, another advantage is that if your flight had a delay they follow up and wait for your arrival.

* Airport taxis: They are the most expensive, do not have a specific rate and the service is not the friendliest (honestly they have bad reputation for raising prices to foreigners) for 3 people in car the price goes from $ 850 pesos onwards and in Van it is more than double the price for a maximum of 8 people. We do not recommend it very much although if you arrive at dawn it will be the only way that you will have to arrive if you did not contract the private transportation previously.




> Lodging tax: 3% Lodging and 16% VAT

> Best time to travel to Mexico: All year long, the country has 4 seasons and each has its advantages.

> Climate in the Mexican Caribbean: 26ºC (normal) and 33ºC (in summer). The rainy months are May and September (22 ° C). In Playa del Carmen the weather is hot / humid most of the year.

> Hurricanes: The season starts in May and ends in November. The most common months of hurricane formation are August and October (but relax! We’ve had 10 years without a hurricane in Playa del Carmen, do not change your plan and come to enjoy !!).

> Clothing: To visit Playa del Carmen we recommend you to bring light clothing, sandals, swimming suit, biodegradable sunscreen, light footwear, sunglasses, cap or hat, but the best garment is your enthusiasm to live this experience so do not forget to pack it !!

> Types of accommodation in the Riviera Maya: Vacation rentals (houses and apartments), condo hotels, hotels, hostels and all inclusive resort.

> Accommodation Prices: “Prime” and “High” Season December and Easter Week ($$$$), January-April ($$$) / “Medium Season” July-August and November ($$) “Low Season” May- June, September-October ($).


Travellers! With these first tips you can start planning your visit to the RIVIERA MAYA, do not miss the second part of this section that will give you the answers to the most frequent questions that our visitors ask us.

Write us, send an email with your comments and any questions you have or even better contact us to help you book your lodging at our Condo Hotel Riviera Maya Rentals.


written by Lisette Guerra


Hello Travelers!

Today we want to give you this excellent advice that will help you to  choose easily your accommodation, depending on the type of trip you are planning to take. We are based on our wide experience in the tourist branch and of course, because we are travellers too, so take note …

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 written by Lisette Guerra