The Legend of the Aluxes

In the nights when men give themselves to sleep there are creatures that go out into the world. The Aluxes sprout in the moonlight. Few people see them, because they are agile, light and naughty. Your life is a continuous play. They like to splash in the water, they are always smiling and wanting to disconcert humans.

At night, when everyone sleeps, they leave their hiding places and walk through the fields of the Mayan jungle; They are beings of very low stature, like very small children, who go up, down, throw stones, do mischief and heavy mischief, steal the fire and bother with their footsteps and games. When the human awakens they move away and hide. But when the fire is alive and sparkling, they form it wheel and dance around; A small noise makes them flee and hide, to leave later and stir more. They are not bad beings if treated well.

The Aluxes of the Mayan language “ALUX” are mischievous Goblins that roam by milpas and mounts after sunset. They wear espadrilles and wear a hat, presenting the features of an Indian child of three to four years old, living in caves and cenotes with their clay puppets, sometimes they are heard to play their instruments which are something like trumpets, also of clay. Generally they are harmless but if they get annoyed with a human being can send “a sick air” that produces chills and fever, these tiny and mischievous goblins provoke tolvaneras, swirls, strange shouts and other phenomena, when they get angry at hearing blasphemies and rudeness Of people who wander around.

If they happen to run into people they start bothering with pranks, throwing stones and most commonly hiding small objects. With their laughter they defy serenity and if they are frightened, they are able to make a big jumble.

The aluxes are protectors of the Mayan jungle and to enter it you must always remember to ask permission, so they will take care of your harvest and your way while you are inside the jungle and will help you to return home safe and sound.

The locals to be in harmony with the antics of the Aluxes and receive their protection build small houses that are considered temples of aluxes in this way the Aluxes feel grateful and allow people to travel safely through their lands.

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written by Lisette Guerra