Business traveler: “Bleisure”

The mere fact of traveling in search of greater sales and new markets is a sign of a visionary mind and a person who goes beyond the comfort zone.

“Bleisure.” It is the term that is applied today to refer to the business traveler. This word is the fusion of business and leisure in English, which adapts to the business traveler’s desire to extend their stay and combine it with tourism and wellness activities by the end of their day.


A business traveler knows that if he organizes his time properly, he can take advantage of each one of his transfers to explore a new destination and live unique experiences. Accustomed to learning new words, trying new foods and adapting to different cultures is just part of their lifestyle.

Condo Hotel Riviera Maya Suites, know the importance of staying in a place with excellent connectivity, good privacy, exclusive comfort, central location and kind attention in its services; all to achieve the purpose of the business trip and at the same time, have the opportunity to enjoy the surroundings of the place.

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Although it seems idyllic, the lifestyle of business travelers is demanding, both physically and mentally. To board planes, to arrive in time to important appointments, to stay awake by the differences of schedules of the world, to check in / check out in the hotel in time, to plan its agenda of the day and to combine it with some extra activity that enriches its person, are tasks that undoubtedly require character, discipline and skill; they do it because they know that traveling is necessary to expand their horizons and grow, both financially and professionally and personally.

The “bleisure” travelers are very careful with their expenses and keep a detailed record of their travel expenses, since in many cases it is the company that covers them, however this does not stop them from satisfying some needs or caprices of travelers that facilitate life and make a better travel experience, this if it has as a motto “not only work is lived” and between meetings is taken a moment of recreation that can even be within the same place of accommodation.

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The service that we offer in Riviera Maya Suites to our “bleisure” travelers is of “Premium quality”. Facilities suitable to work in different points of the property: Terrace with sea view, pool area with waterfall and jacuzzi, large living room with tv / cable, preferential access in beach club with restaurant and beach chairs, balconies with hammocks, relaxing tropical view, central location for easy mobility, personalized concierge service, free private parking, shuttle service from the airport and different points of the city, room amenities, special rates, frequent customer reward program, high online connectivity reliable, fast and completely free 24/7 365 days a year just to mention a few.

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Playa del Carmen and the whole of the Riviera Maya is ready to welcome this select type of travelers that make this tourist destination a daily meeting point for business. In Condo Hotel Riviera Maya suites, we take seriously the importance of “bleisure” trips, we know they have the time counted and, in general, they have to carry out a lot of activities in a limited period of time, trying to optimize it for get the most of it; so we put special attention on key points that combine business and pleasure during your visit offering a comfortable, intuitive, personalized, professional and pleasant lodging.

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Take note of these life lessons of business travelers “Bleisure” and improve your own travel and work experiences … We are waiting for you!


Written by Lisette Guerra L.