4 advantages of staying at a Condo Hotel.

Have you already heard your friends talking about vacation rentals?  Here we would like to introduce you to 4 excellent possibilities to travel like this.The trend to stay in a Condo Hotel is becoming more common every day.

Vacation rentals are houses and apartments that are rented as “hotel rooms” for stays ranging from one to several nights, according to your needs, with the huge advantage of enjoying the entire accommodation during the stay; making travelers feel as they were in their own vacation home.

Most of the properties are equipped with the most essential furniture and services; but there are more, in addition, that offer all the comforts and amenities of a hotel. This combination is known as CONDO HOTEL and undoubtedly, that is an excellent option if you travel with family or friends.

1)The price of lodging in a Condo Hotel is no longer the biggest problem of vacations, the costs are much more accessible and all travelers will enjoy the same benefits without sacrificing any of their comfort; for example; If you travel with friends, the total rent is divided and the cost per person turns out to be equal or less than a hotel room but with the advantage of having a whole house or whole apartment to enjoy. You can even find excellent promotions in the highest seasons in the most exclusive places…. Sounds great right?

2)The space of a house or apartment always surpasses the space and comfort of a simple room, even in the best hotel. Is it necessary to explain more?…


3)Traveling with less luggage is another advantage, generally when we travel with the family we take more things along, “ just in case it is offered, if there is not”, but Condo Hotel properties are usually fully equipped and ready to be used as your own home. The hotel services that are offered, such as front desk, housekeeping, private parking, among others, stand out by achieving a better stay, safe and comfortable from the beginning, during and even after your visit. Thanks to the wide diversity we can find the place that suits our needs and the type of travel that we want to experience.

4) And the best part of all this is that the rental houses and apartments make us feel less tourist and more traveler, enjoying pleasures like a chat with neighbors in the area, make friends, shop in local stores, spend a great evening at the pool and terrace or walk from the house to the village enjoying a pleasant walk with family and friends, creating an authentic, pleasant and unforgettable trip for all!!

Are you ready for a memorable travel experience?…

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written by Lisette Guerra